Blazing Mammoth XL

Eye-catching, entertaining, and prehistoric vibes all the way. These are just three phrases you could use to describe Blazing Mammoth XL, a relatively new addition to the slot game market. The beautiful graphics are bolstered by the impressive gameplay statistics, which we will discuss in the review below.

The Core Facts

So, what is the most important thing that players need to know? From this perspective, it is always beneficial to know the big details in terms of setup and winning potential. The grid is configured in a 5×3 setup, with an impressive 7,000 paylines to navigate as you play.

Fortunately, there are many great opportunities to win prizes throughout the game. The RTP for Blazing Mammoth XL is 96.09%, and anything over 96% is considered acceptable for slot players worldwide. You could win up to 5,000 times the original bet, which is okay for a standard slot addition.

How Can You Bet?

Thinking about betting capacity is important too, and it is possible to put a minimum payment of $0.20 down and a maximum of $50. If you bet the maximum of $50, you could see an amazing prize coming your way, especially if you activate special features that would boost your winnings even more.

The Big Features to Know About

What do you need to know before you give this a whirl? The game has many exciting features, and we will start by discussing the symbology. There are low-paying and high-paying symbols throughout, and here is a rundown of what you need to watch out for.

Highest Paying Symbols on the Board

Let’s start by highlighting the biggest payout symbols on the board. There are prehistoric rhinos, wolves, mammoths (of course), and sabretooth tigers dotted about that could come up during any reel play. The highest payout is a mammoth symbol, and there are variations in what that means as you move through the board rounds.

Mammoth Symbols

You will notice that the mammoth theme is vital on the screen at any time. Aside from the overarching prehistoric vibe, this is the symbol you want if you can win the bigger prizes. The two other mammoth signs to watch out for include Split Mammoth and Respin Mammoth.

Split Mammoth

This handy symbol puts three new symbols on any of the five reels, so you swap out non-winning combinations for potentially prize-filled alternatives. One of the symbols will be split again into six new ones, which again increases your chance of securing some real cash into your pot.

Respin Mammoth

As for the Respin Mammoth, this is relatively straightforward too. If awarded, it will give the player a free respin. This is only for the reel that it appears on, so keep that in mind.

The Lower Paying Symbols: Are They Important?

Well, when it comes to slots, every symbol has its place. Let’s face it, even if you win a minor, you are still a winner, so it is fun to get to know the whole scope of the game you are playing. A, K, Q, and J are what you will see, and these can yield lower prizes if they show up in a row on any given reel.

What About Free Spins?

Yes, there are great free spin features to look out for, and though you may only sometimes get one during each game, there is always a possibility that you will strike gold. Free spins are fantastic because they allow players to have another turn without being obliged to spend more money inside the same game. This do-over could be the difference between ending your session with a prize, or leaving empty-handed. Free spins are won by securing scatter symbols on the mid-three reels, and how many you get is displayed on the wheel that pops up when the feature is triggered.

You Can Invest in Bonus Buys

If you want to boost your chances, you can always invest in bonus buys, which are a big hit amongst the more serious players. These ultimately increase your chance of winning by allowing you to buy special features that will then enhance gameplay. You can buy things like free spins plus multipliers, which come in various combinations depending on how much you want to spend.

What Can You See on Screen?

This game has some great graphics, including snowy mountain tops, impressive prehistoric creatures, general fluffiness in the clouds, and the color setup. It is a relaxing one to play that sparks curiosity. So, yes. Blazing Mammoth XL has more than enough to offer its players; there is so much to love about the features.